Dear Coach,

In an effort to help kids truly understand the importance of sportsmanship and fair play, I call on you to assist me in spreading the word.

As a coach, you have many responsibilities - teaching the game, coordinating the schedules, arranging travel, etc. But the one responsibility that you have that will stay with your players forever is affecting attitude and actions.

Everyone gets caught up in the desire to win. But how you get to winning, or to losing, is what is so important. There are rules to follow and guidelines that must be adhered to and a basic sense of sport and ethics that must be upheld.

My challenge to you is to acknowledge the critical role you play in teaching kids how to be sportsmanlike and to make an outward show of that responsibility. There will be times when you or your players slip up and that's to be expected. But as a team you need to talk about these missteps and help everyone to learn from them. It can't only be about winning.

How can I do this you ask?
By sitting with your team, addressing the issue of sportsmanship and fair play and asking that they read and accept my "Team Pledge."

Once you do this, I will send you FREE Packy PlayFair™ sportsmanship patches that can be worn on your players' uniforms. This way, your players, their opponents and your fans have a constant reminder that sportsmanship and fair play should be a part of all their actions. In addition, by wearing the patch they can show others that they are "part of the solution."

PLUS, when you join Packy's Team you will get great savings when you stay at Howard Johnson - the Official Hotel of the Packy PlayFair Sportsmanship Tour - or other Cendant Hotels. Click here for more information.

Each person's support makes a difference - so please, join Packy's Team today!

Thanks again for your support.


Packy's Team Pledge

We agree to:

Treat our opponents and the officials with respect
Encourage & expect fair play from our teammates
Accept defeat with grace and be humble in victory
Make the team more important than ourselves

Please complete the following information to receive your team's FREE patches while supplies last.:

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* Last Name:
* Organization:
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* City:
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* Zip:
* Country:
* Email:
* Number of Players/Coaches on Team:
   Limit of 25 patches per team

If you would like to take the pledge with your school, please contact us so we can make arrangements.
* Denotes required field.

Please allow 7-10 days to receive your patches.

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