The Always Play Fairâ„¢ board game is an innovative tool for teaching and reinforcing character education and fair play. One or more games can be used in a group setting with discussion generated by each game card. Students can be encouraged to talk about the situations presented, what they would do if they were in that situation and what makes it sometimes difficult to do the right thing. Students and teachers may also use the blank cards provided to make up their own cards based on actual events that occur in their daily lives.

Every two weeks during the school year, a new lesson plan will be available on our website for use in the classroom. These lesson plans will be based on situations presented in the game, those suggested by students or teachers or sometimes even current events. Click here for the most recent lesson plan.

In addition, each week we will post a Quote of the Week that can be downloaded, printed out and posted for students to reflect on and discuss during class.

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