Supporting Quotes

"I was delighted that Packy PlayFair appeared at our NACDA convention. As the National Mascot for Good Sportsmanship, Packy will serve as a reminder that sportsmanship is a priority everywhere."
- Mike Cleary, Executive Director, NACDA

"Packy PlayFair can set the proper sportsmanship atmosphere at games as well as our summer basketball camps."
- Jim Calhoun, Head Basketball Coach, University of Connecticut, Hall of Fame '05

"We all talk about improving sportsmanship on our campuses and communities. Packy PlayFair will be the visual presence to reinforce our message."
- Frank McLaughlin, Executive Director of Athletics, Fordham University

"Our youth need positive images of sportsmanship which should be a priority for all coaches at all levels. Packy PlayFair serves as a reminder that fair play is a fundamental which needs to be practiced every day."
- Floyd Keith, Executive Director, Black Coaches Association

"Our Student-Athlete Advisory Board is excited to integrate Packy PlayFair into our nationally recognized community service projects."
- Charlie Titus, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs, Director of Athletics, UMass Boston

"We believe that Packy PlayFair is the perfect vehicle to help teach children how to strive for sports achievements in an ethical, responsible, and fair manner."
- Jeanne Picariello, USOC Community-Based Organizations

"In my 40 years of chronicling the Olympic Games, I have seen many changes. As a proponent of Fair Play, I believe Packy is an innovative, dynamic force who will promote Fair Play among youth and all that is right in sport."
- Bud Greenspan, veteran filmmaker and four-time Emmy winner

"Sports should be a positive experience for kids, but too often parents, coaches, players and their teammates are pushing too hard and are unable to handle losses and wins properly. Packy serves an unmet need; a neutral presence in the world of sports whose only agenda is to encourage and teach everyone to have fun and play fairly."
- Rick Wolff, Chairman, Center for Sports Parenting & author of The Sports Parenting Edge

"We understand that in every community boys and girls sometimes have to find their own recreation and companionship and we believe that Packy is someone that kids can relate to and look to for proper guidance. Kids need and want a hero that they can depend on, someone whose values are solid and unwavering."
- Lenny Silberman, Vice President of Program Services, JCCA

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