The Facts
  • Sportsmanship and fair play are at an all-time low
  • Character education is an issue that is at the forefront for teachers, parents, coaches and government officials
  • Young people are at a loss as to what IS the right thing to do
The Need
During the past decade, there has been a profound increase in unethical behavior in all areas of youth development. From the playground to playing fields to school violence - bullying and being tough seem to be the mandates for getting ahead. This, "Be the best no matter what it takes" mentality is on the increase. Pressure to excel at early ages begets poor sportsmanship and unethical behavior.
  • Young people need a concrete example of sportsmanship - something they can hold on to, relate to and believe in
  • Teachers and coaches need a teaching tool that really reaches kids
  • Parents need to feel confident that they are providing their kids with activities that are fun while reinforcing critical behavior in formative years
The Solution
Kids learn best by doing, by participating and by having fun while they do it. Our approach is to make learning about sportsmanship, fair play and good behavior fun through our mascot, Packy PlayFair™.

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