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Sportsmanship and school behavior are at all time lows with bullying, truancy, fighting, and harassment at all time highs. Columbine, the Boston hockey dad, professional athletes, bean brawls and parents attacking both referees and youth coaches headline the national trend toward unacceptable behavior. Children, our greatest treasures, are more vulnerable to these negative influences than ever before. Help is needed, and help is on the way!

Packy PlayFair, who is widely recognized as the National Mascot for Good Sportsmanship, is packing up to travel across the country to spread his message of good sportsmanship and fair play. Packy is cool, hip and fun, and can easily relate to kids. His image and presence have become the inspiration to many to make the right choice for good sportsmanship.

Packy has already integrated himself into select local communities and schools through appearances, posters, educational materials, and a web site setting the stage for our upcoming national tour. In Spring 2006, in our nation's capital, Packy will continue his outreach by launching a nationwide tour to rally our nation to do something positive to lift sportsmanship.

Tour Goals
  • To promote and advance good sportsmanship in every state and major market
  • To encourage our youth, their parents, coaches and administrators to pledge to a higher standard of conduct
  • To encourage commitment from national, state and local leaders to include sportsmanship as a priority; and
  • To provide wholesome, educational entertainment to our young generation.
The Tour will encompass all fifty (50) states with stops in every state capital. The launch will take place in Washington DC on March 27th and many of Packy's friends will be invited including the President's Challenge, a program of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the USOC community-based organizations, the Citizenship Through Sports Alliance, Sports USA Network, the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, Straighten Up America as well as other national leaders in politics, education and athletics.

The Tour will also make stops at high profile sporting events such as Hoop City at the Men's and Women's Final Four in Indianapolis and Boston, respectively. The Tour will entrench itself in local communities at youth competitions, field days, family festivals, parades, athletic events and earn significant electronic and print media attention, nationally and locally.

The first half of the tour will take place in Spring 2006 and will travel from Maine down the east coast to Florida. The second half of the tour, which will cover the remainder of the country, will commence in Fall 2006 when students are back at school.

During each state stop, Packy PlayFair will make at least three visits. The first will be with a high level individual from the state, the second to an elementary school and the third at an after-school youth organization. Packy will make additional stops at sporting events, family festivals, malls and the like.

Paramount to each stop will be to encourage youth, parents, coaches and government officials to take Packy PlayFair's pledge and commit to the tenets of the pledge not only in sport and physical activities but also in everyday life.

F ollow the rules
A lways try your best
I nclude everyone
R espect your opponent

And Have Fun!

On-line educational materials will be available for free to educators, administrators and coaches to use in reinforcing Packy PlayFair's message with the youth in their area.

Please contact us to find out when Packy PlayFair will be in your area and how to get involved!

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