Welcome to Packy's Kids Corner. I am so glad that you have decided to join my team and be a member of Packy's Pals!

By reading and taking my pledge, you will automatically become a member of Packy's Pals. I will send you a FREE patch that you can wear on your sport uniform or put on your gym bag or backpack to show others that you believe in playing fair.

As a member of Packy's Pals, you will also receive:
  • A birthday card from me, Packy
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  • Tips from Packy on how to play fair and what to do when others are not playing fair
  • Special offers on new Packy products
  • The opportunity to share your sportsmanship experiences with others
Playing on sports teams, playing in the playground or just playing games with friends should be fun. I know that together we can make all of our play time fun time!

Please check back often for fun new activities and contests!

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