Packy PlayFair™
National Collegiate Mascot Program

Everyone involved in sports and athletics must do their part to promote and model the values of sportsmanship and fair play to the next generation of athletes and to their communities. As a leader in sports and education you are in a unique position to teach ethics and promote sportsmanship on campus and in your community. Colleges have been creating messages to address this issue but now…..

Packy PlayFair will help reinforce your sportsmanship message!

APF has developed the Packy PlayFair mascot as a tool for teaching the values of sportsmanship and ethical conduct to our impressionable youth. The objective for the Collegiate Sportsmanship Mascot Project is to partner with institutions of higher education throughout the country to bring Packy PlayFair, the national mascot for sportsmanship, "alive" on campuses for the purpose of promoting sportsmanship on the courts and fields, as well as in the community. By adopting the Packy PlayFair mascot, colleges and universities will enhance their reputations and images by highlighting the values of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct to their student bodies and children in the community. This commitment to practicing, and teaching, good sportsmanship will underscore their role as leaders and trendsetters for the 21st Century.

Who is Packy
Always Play Fair™, LLC and its Founder, Wally Halas, have created the National Mascot for Good Sportsmanship, Packy PlayFair. A cool, hip elephant, Packy will be a visible reminder that playing fair is the fun, cool thing to do. Packy is destined to become the "Smokey Bear" for promoting sportsmanship, fair play and good behavior among youth. Packy's mission has been applauded by many, including the President's Challenge a program of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, US Olympic Committee's Community-Based Organizations, The Citizenship Through Sports Alliance, the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, and Youth Sports USA. At his November 2004 launch, Packy was featured in USA Today, ESPN Magazine, CBS The Early Show, and many other electronic and print media outlets across the country. All agree that Packy is a welcome, and needed, addition to sports in America.

Benefits to Colleges
Packy PlayFair will enable institutions to "walk the walk" regarding sportsmanship, providing a fun, visual reminder at athletic events and other institutional sponsored programs regarding the value of sportsmanship and ethical conduct both on and off the playing field.

Packy Mascot Opportunities
Colleges will be able to dress the Packy mascot in the school's sweat suit/uniforms and introduce Packy at all athletic events and other college functions. APF has created, and will provide, a sportsmanship how-to curriculum for easy implementation for school visits, summer camps, etc.
  • The Packy mascot can be used at all college summer sports camps and on-campus youth events.
  • College teams/groups can take the Packy mascot with them on community service projects and other non-sport events like:
    • Big Brother/Big Sister programs
    • Athlete mentoring programs
    • After school enrichment programs
    • On-campus day care centers
    • Education department - early childhood development classes
    • Reunions
    • Homecomings
    • Graduation family events
    • Family events at recruitment days
  • Any department on campus (e.g. Dean of Students, fraternities, sororities, etc.) can use the Packy Mascot to boost the message of good sportsmanship and good ethics/behavior.

Packy Mascot Details/Costs
Colleges can license a Packy PlayFair mascot costume and the right to use the Packy Mascot for college related purposes for a two-year period. The associated costs are as follows:
  • Costume Preparation One-time fee: $600
  • Annual Licensing Fee:
    • Division I: $500
    • Division II: $400
    • Division III, NAIA, Junior Colleges: $300

To have a Packy PlayFair mascot on your campus, simply complete the information below. We will then send you the usage agreement. If you have any questions, please call us at 914-948-9797 or send them to

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