"Always Play Fair™" Board Game

A fun, colorful interactive board game featuring Packy PlayFair™ that kids enjoy playing and parents and teachers value as a great learning tool!

Pick your favorite Packy PlayFair game piece, spin the wheel and see what the cards have in store! Each card teaches a valuable lesson in sportsmanship and fair play. Read the game card and if Packy does the right thing you move ahead - a slip up will send you back! If you spin and land on a space that matches your Packy game piece you spin again! But be alert as you move around the board - there are twists and turns that will either help you toward the finish line or hold you back! You pick the best course to follow.

Be the first person to move around and collect all the letters of PLAY FAIR and win the game!

Ages 6 to 12
2 to 6 Players

Price: $19.95

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